You are all cordially invited to attend the IEC-week which will be held in Limasol, Cyprus from 19 to 22 March 2019. Detailed information about the event is available at erasmuscyanoweek.wordpress.com 


The participants are kindly asked to write their abstracts using the template available here

Word limit: 150 words


Please read carefully the registration instructions

  1. Register to this link 
  2. Oral presentation is available for researchers coming from an Erasmus partner or not an Erasmusn partner university
  3. For participation type choose “Attendance at 1st Symposium on Harmful Cyanobacteria in Cyprus & Oral Presentation” to enable the abstract submission page
  4. Maximum file size is 2 MB, if you exeed this storage limit you will not be able to upload the file. Please contact us for any question
  5. ONLY .pdf and .doc format


-Detection and identification of cyanobacterial species

-Detection and identification of cyanobacterial metabolites

-In-Situ Treatment for cyano-HABs control

-Utilization of cyanobacterial biomass for useful products

-Cyanotoxins and Food Safety

-Monitoring and restoration of cyanobacterial contaminated sites

-Ecology of cyanobacteria

-Toxicity of cyanobacteria and their metabolites

-Removal of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins from water treatment plants

-Health effects and exposure to cyanotoxins


The deadline for abstract submission is 10th March 2019. Please submit your abstracts by this date.